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At Emelev LLC, we work with U.S. companies who want to safely grow their exports. We draw on a wide network of government agencies, insurance companies, financial institutions and service providers to help companies become more competitive in international markets and to protect against foreign risk.  We work with clients to find the best products at the lowest price, and we help guide them through the entire exporting process


We work with U.S. companies and investors to connect them to public and private financing tools and resources. With our help they are able to offer competitive buyer financing terms and secure working capital to produce export orders.


We find and facilitate the best available insurance products to protect U.S. companies and lenders against buyer non-payment or foreign country political risk to assets or government contracts. 


We advise first-time exporters and experienced global sellers and help define international sales strategies, manage processes and logistics, and develop new markets and competitiveness strategies. 


  • Your customer is asking for open-account terms, and you are worried about the risk of non-payment.

  • You are losing business to your competitors because they are able to offer longer payment terms (and you are not).

  • You need working capital to produce an export order, but your bank is not comfortable advancing credit against foreign receivables.  

  • Your foreign customer is a great partner, but they are located in a politically unstable country.

  • You are selling capital equipment and and your customers abroad need to access long term financing for their orders.

  • You are new to exporting, and would like advice on the exporting process - from trade finance to logistics to compliance.

  • You need advice and connections on new markets or due diligence strategies.